Awnings are an investment and should be cleaned on a regular basis to prevent pollutants from becoming embedded in the fabric.

With our ECO friendly cleaning, we are able to remove most dirt, bird dropping, and mold from your awnings and roofs.

 Keep in mind, the older the awning, the more stubborn the stain.  Just like clothing that is not washed on a regular basis, dirt which is allowed to accumulate over 2 or 3 years will become "set in" and more difficult to remove. 

Regular maintenance using our Soft Washing Method will increase the life of your awnings and provide many more years of enjoyment.

PRESSURE WASHING:  Is a great tool to clean brick, wood and other hard surfaces. Would you use it to clean your clothes?  pressure washing can remove gravel from your roof, stretch the fibers on your awning and damage the seal around solar panels. This is why we softwash. 

Extremely stained fabrics may require a low pressure washing which we provide.

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