Roof Cleaning


 STOP THE DAMAGE that roof staining algae, moss, mold and lichens are doing to

       your roof and restore the beauty of your home while saving money.


Different ways to improve your roof:


A  Replace it. 

Power-wash with harsh chemicals like bleach and lye. Use a stiff brush.

     Keep in mind, even at low pressure, this can remove the granuals from the shingles.

     The resulting run off is not safe for plants, pets or children.

Softwash  Our products are environmentally friendly, bleach free, phosphate free

     and are non acidic. Therefore, safe for plants, pets, and children.

     When sprayed on, Softwash attacks the root of the problem, by slowly dissolving

     all of  the pollutants.

     This process takes from 6 to 12 weeks depending on the years of accumulation.

     After the initial waiting period, we guarantee your roof will be clean.



Softwash removes black algae, mold, Moss and lichiens without removing the granuals from the shingles.

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